To Papa,Sahir and Circadian rhythms

1A274E0B-F3E1-4D25-A7B7-6914BA83B6A8You, together are timekeepers of the family

Serve as an internal constant

The elder, you bring us an essence of dreams

The younger, you bring us an alignment of our days

One wakes us up to the cheer of new perspectives

The other relishes in reclaiming connections

Reciprocity that you both offer is compelling

Your passion, Papa,

and your meticulousness, Sahir

both much different, both magnetic

both keep us synchronized

with ourselves

with each other

Papa – 

you have and always will be a large man

large in how your shoulders spread themselves with pride

large in how your chest supports the many medal pins on your uniform

large in how your boots serve as a nest to the hiding kittens

large in how your palm cradles my teary face

large in how your eyes reflect my laughter

large in how you are the bastion of support to many

large in how you bellow opinions on television sets

large in how much and how deep your forgiveness runs

large in how you welcome life at its tempestuous best and its

torrential worst

large in how you can set everything right with unconditional love

large in how far you can push to adapt to changing rhythms

Sahir –

you have and will always be a meticulous man

meticulous in your choice of the roads you take

meticulous in your osmosis way of processing advice

meticulous in your calm patience and your edgy impatience

meticulous as the filter to Sanah’s synthesis

meticulous as the nuanced lighting to Mansi’s ecosystem

meticulous in your sure and silent decisions

meticulous in your embrace of the daily humdrum

meticulous in your inspirational commitment

meticulous in your boundaries as well as your explorations

meticulous in your simplicity and credible presence

Papa, Happy Birthday and cheers to celebrating newer, larger perspectives

Sahir, happy birthday and  a toast to making and keeping meticulous promises





All in a day’s work


cautious work does not enable extreme learning

and fractured bones are caused by lack of use

creating code makes a monotonous ticking sound

and survival is best tested through daily assessment

recognition of your own reward criteria triggers DNA modification

and ice packs barely sedate tired hurting eyelids

rhythmic hours that clock a parallel streaming into earbuds

and an appetite that is invested in just enough to serve as an insurance plan

mental muscles pull another wincing day through

and pause into the night, feed afresh into a vial of life each morn

work is just perception ; the rest is extraordinary resilience

and only the fatigue of will can be an obstruction to cope

interpretations abound; about work and life balance

and yet matters only when the kernel of dreams starts to crumble

invictus stays unafraid; deserving himself to the wind

and so you too may conquer the sky with your sore but sure footprints

climb with the wind in your face; content in perseverance

and let the waves of your hair, the dance of your arms

be unto itself a cocktail that bubbles an aphrodisiac

as you walk through the night into the horizon


for sanah, my prayer

profile 3

of sanah

your beauty breaking its way

through slits in the skyline

tears choke your hurrah

and then lend an edge

to its misty glow

fatigue marinates itself

into a rare restful sleep

navigating the tumble

of heart and soul

you draw your freedom

in a myriad crayon shades

as inane fleeting deadlines

intercept your compelling stories

you find nostalgia in the aroma

of your homemade treat;and

stay vulnerable in the strength

of those you love most

an endearing passion

wraps around your voice

as you allow your hands

to choreograph footprints

while you secretly vanquish

hidden gremlins on the stage

mermaid-like in mystery,

you explore depths in

the corals of your mind

relishing the obvious journey

still elusive like the fragrance

that lingers stoic and strong

after you empty a room

fragmented conversations

are forgotten for the sweetness

of drifting dreams; deep breaths

bubble life into wishing jars

confidence is locked forever

in the letters of compassion

etched on your wrist

as teacher and student

you read and write the world

and bookmark in your eyes

its rainbows and shadows

for sanah

as you unravel your own magic

find the rhythm in commotion

prize your heart’s possessions

for you belong to the twilight

that sings its lullaby

and are the dawn

that hums its chorus

you, my child, bring to life

the very force of nature

and many star strings

from the constellation

to which you belong

there is a reason

you are called “prayer”






This Fall



Fall is freezing over

the chill reminded me to pause

and gather myself into the harmony

before it was too late

gazing inwards

Smoky shadow highlights eyes

like the silver peaks peep atop the trees

garbled colors of a marble cake

mock the evaporating shades outside

Mimosa’s and Sangria’s in decanters

gingerly dance and tease

the flat puddle on the patio

just before 5:00

Scintilating golden, publishes itself

on an orange parchment sky

Tumbling luster powers through

a sea of baked crunchiness

I hold to myself

and watch as beauty disperses

into the moonlight

Dreams whisper themselves

inside the earth

while it is still tender

and surrenders to their secrets

realization of crumbling remnants

This fall, we played a make believe fall

but, pretence does not make it real

This fall, leaves tumble

to the ground, begging

to not allow another raging fire

This fall, chlorophyll cries

itself in heaps, adding tints

other than red to the

water graves of Irma

This fall, colors lock themselves

into a time warp, objecting

to the air that stinks of Charleston

This fall, pumpkins refuse to ripen

they are still grieving

the shrieks of Las Vegas

of floundering seasons

This fall, our shovels and rakes

lift up bones and flesh

instead of the usual ripe nature

This fall, the rustling

is from steps of nervous men

instead of the usual crisp wilderness

this fall

gazing inwards just before 5:00

yielding to the collapsing fall

realization of crumbling remnants

of mankind in floundering seasons






Coming of age


Coming of age

Ample grace

Retreating glances

Generous tales

Wounded obligations

Brilliant emptiness

Tamed performances

Bleeding cuticles

Altered migraines

Daring intentions

Bright suspicions

Scrubbed sentiments

Lethal vulnerability

Ample exhaustion

Decisive determination

Failed seduction

Lingering eroticism

Subjugated imagination

Luxurious rage

Marked coherence

Coming of age

the eyes

that smile

in wrinkles

that line

milky ways

and hair

that sings

to nostalgia

in black&white

and bosom

that rises

in unison

with hope

Coming of age

the possibilities

that urge

me to


with age


Birthday scrapbook

IMG_4106Birthdays of annual pomp and blessings

of marching musical brass bands in ensemble

and delectable biscuit cakes in the fridge

Birthdays of perennial miracles and grace


Hors-d’oeuvre and a thousand treats

favors to return in magical bags

gladness of games and streaming balloons

Birthdays of annual pomp and blessings


Tunes to sing and songs to hum

presents galore and candles to curiously blow

gleeful smiles and sparkly spirits that soar

of marching musical brass bands in ensemble


in the house of in-toed toddler steps

and the home of doggy patter paws

at clubhouses with awkward boyish strides

and delectable biscuit cakes in the fridge


Remember and relish forever

then, the joys of candles bestowed

now, the prayers bough in from the skies

Birthdays of perennial blessings




my collection of cities



atlanta chicago new delhi hyderabad mt.abu kohima jalandhar patna boston and many others

bring to me dreams and shadows, crease lines of smiles and furrows near my brows, mischief music and sobering jolts, ideas that empower and distant tolling bells, waves of invigorating memories, meteoric force that propels blood to the edges of my pulse


you brought to me the vivacious stories written in marbles of gurushikhar and rock folds at sunset point

you held me in your nooks and crannies always pregnant with a mischievous mystery

each moment that was born near the lake lived with beauty that never did disappoint

charming both in your men and your looks, endearing stories of folklore and history


delivered a blessing that poured smiles into our souls and undeniable rhythm to our fold

secrets of nawabs huddled hesitant in minars

while the city knotted itself in anticipation of transcendent joys

a riot of gorgeous love came wrapped under the skin of his tiny fist holds

forever left enchanted; we visit  empty treasure troves and keep up a poise


she beguiled us with elegance and panoramic views

her crackling crisp demeanour initiated me to the world of words

roaming her streets was experimental youth who painted in motion and theater

were a delightful muse

Naga woman who defined heritage with her warrior like loom

weaving a humming design in honor of the orange breasted birds


let me call you a milestone memory

a perfection of pace that encouraged vibrant laughter

as grandparents fussed over the to be born grandson

an optimism that lulled us into a misty reverie

unbeknownst to us He was writing an ominous episode

never to be undone


you watched me grow into friendships

and threw at me gambles to bet my life upon

you enlightened me to find patterns in blurry dimensions

then encaptured me into puzzlements akin to layers of chiffon

new delhi

exhaled us with force into the world

meandering reams of opportunities , some perverse

a cacophony of life that often wondered

if there was an antidote to the textured curdle

haphazard prayers, holy books and urban tears

dripped into bottles of potent breath

that tasted like quartz


you of architectural prizes and glistening oasis of lakes

steadfast steel like in your support;

creating a circle of precious heart-throbs

with intricately speckled snowflakes

your orange flamed leaves of oaks and elms

nudged me out of ennui like a petulant escort


a saxophone of children with wings and wishes that whisper;

arrogant sidewalks watch as youth walks into schools

flippantly you toss your waves , quite chipper

bringing to me a glazing bonfire warmth

that lingers even when there is no more fuel


i sensed in you a resemblance to the chocolate chip cookie

in a daze lifting my hot chai and sipping into its comfort

your blue ridge mountains like handmade kites;

look over as you ramble along in sandals and hoodies

pirouettingly the ferris wheel beckons me to into its sunburst


i open the door

and walk into

the quiet full moon night

of my city

and then look far out

to others that resemble

those in the past