about kashiana

A management professional by job classification and a work practitioner by personal preference.

My TEDx talk was dedicated to the topic Work as Worship.

Shelling Peanuts and Stringing Words, my debut poetry collection published in January 2019 is my voice as a participant and an observer of life. I have dared to dip into very vulnerable and personal contexts while explore the shifting tectonic plates of the world outside of my suburban existence.

My second collection of poems, published in May 2020 is called Crushed Anthills. This chapbook is a collection of poems about cities, memories – each memory an anthill that leads to colonies that are deep, a complex maze to unravel.

My poems have been published on various platforms including Poets Reading the News, Visual Verse, Oddball Magazine, Café Dissensus, TurnPike Magazine, Dissident Voice, Feminine Collective, Spillwords, Poetry Super Highway. You can listen to me reading mywork on Rattle Open Mic sessions, Songs of Selah podcast, and Poetry Super Highway episodes

I am from India, live in Chicago and bridge miles by regularly etching my thoughts.



TEDx Talk – Worship as a Work Practitioner by Kashiana Singh


Crushed Anthills

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