About Kashiana

When Kashiana is not writing, she lives to embody her TEDx talk theme of Work as Worship into her every day. She carries her various geo-political homes across India and United States within her poetry. Kashiana has proudly served as Managing Editor for Poets Reading the News and has three published collections. Kashiana has been widely published on various international platforms including Poets Reading the News, Rattle Poetry, Visual Verse, Oddball Magazine, Café Dissensus, TurnPike Magazine, Inverse Journal, Counter Currents, NewsVerse, RiseUp Review, Madras Courier, The Beltway Poetry. Her work has been anthologized in the Yearbook of Indian Poetry in English and many themed anthologies. Kashiana is deeply inspired by Haiku writing and has many published poems in journals dedicated to Japanese poetry.

Kashiana is Vice President, Operations and Business at a healthcare company in the US and brings over 26 years of outcome-oriented experience in business operations and client delivery. She has proven to be an organizational catalyst across the continuum of change – culture ambassador, an early adopter of process and technology.

Her poetry contributions are extending through memberships of various communities and has recently been appointed as Council Member for the Literary Arts Society for WICCI, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 



TEDx Talk – https://youtu.be/jzFflaqPrhM

Kashiana’s Books –

Woman by the Door is her second full length collection and was released in Feb 2022 with Apprentice House press. This book is a knitted collage of poems rooted in lived experiences and saturated with the poet’s varied sensibilities and influences. The poems flow through three sections – Aperture explores poems of memory and family, Portal opens the door to transition and growth, Detours holds our hand through loss and ache. The woman herself is an intersection, kneeling by the door – coming, going, waiting, leaning in. Witnessing. Relentlessly she receives and offers lifetimes. Woman by the Door is ultimately preoccupied with paying tribute to that woman.


Crushed Anthills by Yavanika Press released in 2020 with Yavanika Press and is a loco-descriptive journey through 10 cities. Anthills are a by-product of hard-working ants digging subterrestrial tunnels. This chapbook is a set of 10 place centered poems threading through different cities: moving constantly, creating anthills, and then crushing them as the speaker unravels the next dwelling. These poems have accompanying photographs from Kashiana’s personal archives.


Shelling Peanuts and Stringing Words was Kashiana’s debut collection and was released in January 2019 by Impish Lass Publications. Kashiana has collaborated with New York based artist Japneet Kaur who has done the illustrations for each of the eight sections of the book, starting with Remembered Routines, expanding outwards Death and War and ending with Portraits of people and nature.