The wings of commitment

You stepped into commitment

so what?

your wish is now your goal

and there is no convenient alternative anymore

commitment has no conditions that apply

You hold each other’s hands

fingers intertwined

with promise today

the marvel of that touch

will forever be

even when the fingers are no longer as lissome

and the creases on the palms feel deeper

that touch will always

feel like homecoming

the memories of these hands held together

will always bring

the most vivid fragrance of intimacy

You step ahead together, mostly in unison

but sometimes following the other

what matters is no longer who leads, what does matter is that your gait auto adjusts to match the other

You whisper directions, not google like where she says it is my way or the highway

but like the pole star

giving hope, through the clouds

You match and complement each other’s skills and attributes

as much as you fill the gaps in each other’s crevices and

find the cranky edginess in the nooks

The sum is better than the parts; infinitely beautiful


you will always stay fiercely protective of each other

for the purity and differences

those very things that drew you to the other

You will never sacrifice conversation; it is always a work in progress.

and before you know

you will have a trademark style that uses special words

a simple touch or the rhythm of silence

You look into each other’s eyes;

and the teardrops will be witness

that you can see into the other’s eyes

and through them

commitment will tell its story

through the corrosion these falling tears leave on your cheeks

and the deposits that stay on your fingertips

You laugh together, and for each other and at each other

You can imagine life and forever as well as everafter

you cannot imagine anything but together

You will learn to be nimble to life;

together rearranging for balance

as you face that unknown turn

You will make choices;

some crystal clear and others not as intuitive

in each choice, your promise is to encounter each other with intent and deep trust

You may not know it today, but soon there will be nothing you do not want the other to know –

your deepest fears, your darkest secrets,

your silliest jokes, your unfathomable dreams,

your mind, body and heart

Moreover, through this journey;

at some unknown point between dawn and dusk;

when you are asleep in each other’s shadow

Your souls did decide that this is home

you can listen to them whenever you wish to

beyond the daily noise and flurry

souls that are soaring unconfined yet captive like never before

souls that hum away, gently but surely

the harmonic notes of freedom reverberating through their universe

souls that relish the aching for another

and watch the fireflies in the warm afterglow

You can watch them too, on days you feel sore

because there will be those days

Commitment is a reckless battle

but it’s sweet defeat will caress you both

and the breach you just opened in your hearts

will forever drain in for you the life essence

you need from the other

May You Both

forever hold the rings of commitment preciously close

and may you

forever choose defeat to and for each other

as your most celebrated victories!


Published by Kashiana

I am a management professional by job classification and a work practitioner by personal preference. One poetry collection - Shelling Peanuts and Stringing Words and a chapbook, Crushed Anthills. Always gathering poems, and letting them marinate and change shape and form.

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