The Drive Back Home


The basket for the road

warm stuffed bread

Eggs, oranges

Soda and water

Candies and sour bites

I make note


setting out together

preparing as thoughtfully

would ensure

essential coverage

for the vagaries

of long distances

Unknown mood swings

Unexpected feverish reactions

Breakdowns and meltdowns

Pit Stops

The right timing

and location

Adventurous enough

yet safe and restful

The nook of your

Lovers arm

Pulls you in

Close enough

to feel the familiar


soak in the

strange perfume

A reminder

That this nook

Will always

be your pit stop

Speed Limits

Interstate and back roads

the racy zipping


alternating with

the lazy meandering


Laser focus

navigation map support

On one route

Compared to the

Singing along

anecdote telling partnership

on the other

Life’s rally seemed

to have spread out

In a similar pattern

Screeching halts needed

On certain milestones

Bracing for the shock

By holding tight

To each others arms

Swinging along

the rest of the way

Soaking it in

Letting those years ride

into your hearts

Deep and down

To be relived

Whenever and wherever


after a rough patch

came along





Purposeful visitors

Picture taking, moment happy

Vagabonding through life

Has been quite

Similarly enabled

Street walks and tourist tours

Dreams and Destinations

Layering themselves

through the years

Like that marble cake

at the bakery

in the back street

We were wet, hungry

and appreciative

Of the chai that came with it

Especially, in a strange city

Of homes along the way

Destinations or journeys

Or the emotions that you

discover when you find

yours have created

new homes along the way

This one was special

because it was of

Special people

And left us with

a melting within

the pit of our stomachs

Holding hands

we commenced our trip


But not until

we poured our eyes

out in love

and in thanks

Beacon lights

Following in darkness

and in shattering rain

Blinding black

the night

Seemed to have taken over

Compelled to drive

the world to where

it wanted

That road belonged to the night

You drove

Calm, composed and in control

following the beacon light

ahead of you

and the yellow lines

cruising below you

Sure and Sincere

in your effort

aware of His purpose

It reminded me

about how you

led us through

the darkest moments

of our life together


always sure

that the destination

will be ours

that the journey

is just a lesson

Road trip

5000 miles of

West to east

To lean into life

not escape from it

Staring out of the window

into the horizon

Two kites fluttering

I reach out

hold your hand

you are

my true north

sure yet again


my destination

is where you

choose to stand


Published by Kashiana

I am a management professional by job classification and a work practitioner by personal preference. One poetry collection - Shelling Peanuts and Stringing Words and a chapbook, Crushed Anthills. Always gathering poems, and letting them marinate and change shape and form.

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