One Year Itch:1/31/2017


It is the one year anniversary of your retirement

twelve months since you took a leap of faith

and each time during these 12 months that you responded to

the frequently asked questions –

you grew taller

stood stronger

taught honesty

demonstrated discipline

and most importantly,

you relished in pride

at letting go

Q1 – So, do you miss work?

asked the voice with a “told you so” tone!

Ans – No, because work was what I did for 30 years

but not what I leaned on for my self-worth

Q2 – So, what do you do then with your days? a cynic tone spilling over

a cynic tone spilling over

Ans – I do a lot; it includes

the dishes, the pot of chicken curry

travel or just walk and soak in the sights&sounds

photography, people, culture awareness

I do ask a lot of questions

research and develop my hobbies

I do engage in politics – both as an academic understanding

and as a cause for reflection

I do renovation projects in my home

and, I feel neither guilty nor embarrassed

Q3 – Don’t you miss the camaraderie and friendship?

meaning, your own connections..

Ans – I miss my friends, but am reminded every day

friends who matter still care for me and are around

I also have an advantage that shields me from this

that shields me from this vacuum of missed connections

I go to bed every night with my best friend

I invest more in my children and family

not necessarily in terms of time

but surely in terms of thought, intentional thought

Q4 – Are you ok second fiddling?

that man like voice booming into the question

Ans – Those who know me, also know

I don’t fiddle around much

I own it –

my decision, my relationships

my happiness

Try it, and when you start owning your position

the number game does not bother anymore

Q5 – What plan do you have now that you are a year into retirement?

in other words, don’t you feel lost

Ans – Submerging into perspectives that

fell out of my vision view thus far

Engaging with my hobbies

Falling in tune with the circadian rhythm

that freedom brings to you

Staying stimulated

Q6 – What is the one myth you were able to bust about retired life?

Now.. I got ya!

Ans – The warnings about the time together

being in each other’s space

the effort needed to ensure your relationship

adapts and is able to flourish

On this very special One Year Anniversary

We celebrate you and all the

Real Men like you!


3 Replies to “One Year Itch:1/31/2017”

  1. One of the most challenging decisions of my life’s journey but like everything else made meaningful because of the rock solid partner – standing by in patience and with perspective


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