I)The Zephyr embraces my hair

wet, smooth and ticklish

it writes a gentle embrace

on my cheeks

whispering an invocation

to Color

at the lackluster perpetuation

of color deprivation

of color negation

of color amnesia

In the blood

that injures into red droplets

from a sharp paper cut

In the bones

that break into grey calcium crumbles

running too fast for your fitness

In the tooth, rotten rust

that plops into the dentist’s dish

extracting the pain

In the poop

deep devilish

washed away in the commode

as you pretend to watch the world stream by

In the tears

that flow like golden baptism

at graduation

In the spit

phlegmatic demonstration of dissent

demonstration of dissent

In the words

that demonstrate

a blue ink like patience

in their description of mayhem

In the fear

that threatens

to bolt up your throat

puckish mold like

the acidic delusion

and sweet vulnerability

leaving a mineral taste

it caresses my neck

and then wanders

beneath my scarf folds

II)Says the Zephyr wave like

to my heartbeat erratic

I caught the remnants

of human leftovers

from a sunken ship

in my fishing net


I am puzzled

the remains were all the same

neutral, indifferent, blind

or just washed away

the blood, bones and teeth

I offered them

back to the deep


by the question of color

ever since

III)Then the westerly swishes

around me


settling at my waist

playful yet determined

It asks my core

what happened??

to skin, hair, eyes

grappling shade to shade

in the battlefield

of draining humanity

stain like stubborn

the color

within the panoramic hue

of faces in and around you

jarring, brutal

starkly different

a reminder

there is

unfinished business


at being the solution

as well as the problem

pretending that

there will be color redemption

is unfair, a myth

surrender instead to it

or forever

it will jarringly

show up

in physical attributes


scruffy Brown


meticulous White

foreboding Pale


wistful Black


expanding the palette

qualifying the flux

as a miracle

that the other color

brings to our tapestry

reunions waiting

where threads,twine,wool

meet and unmeet

touching away the desolate

healing in collaboration

Then what’s holding you back??

IV)With a whiff the cottony breeze fleets

over my eyes

my waist is released

give yourself permission

to nurture


your color quotient

be okay to be awkward

unleash the demons

in your dungeons

or be condemned

to the conformity of color

your role

in the catastrophe

is yours to choose

if authoritative ownership

of the process

is far fetched

make a miniature debut

pretend, act

the heritage of color

locate yourself

in a life

of elegant hues

or be condemned

to a stark hueless slumber

the sun is setting

you must hasten

glistening orange burns

into the stillness


all will be ash and slate

redeem color relevance

or choose colour-blindness

V)Zephyr seawards leaves behind

a calmness

forcing a pause

as it goes onwards

over the water

blue crystal clear

graffiti remnants

stay in the mist

salve like

Published by Kashiana

I am a management professional by job classification and a work practitioner by personal preference. One poetry collection - Shelling Peanuts and Stringing Words and a chapbook, Crushed Anthills. Always gathering poems, and letting them marinate and change shape and form.

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