Friendly Contract


Relative Confessions Part 4



old moccasins

bleeding ink

on paper folds

crocheted doilies

clumsy artwork

tins, boxes, bottles

colors, scents aplenty

missing dupattas

lampshade warmth

chai cuppa

silver choker

coins, leftovers

buddha heads

stained frames



mystical smiles

careless laughs

spoken silence

measured awareness

refined writings



incoherent jokes

wrinkled tears

hospital drips

fiddled stones

illustrative PDA

shared pregnancies

distilled deaths

sobering companionships

pouched accessories



persistent, consistent

conviction in moments

friendship snobs





One Reply to “Friendly Contract”

  1. Measured smiles could be perhaps substituted with mischievous smiles as you have also written Measured awareness But i do not know what exactly was in the mind of this brilliant prolific Writer when she penned down this piece Lots of love Papaq



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