The Repeal Petition


IMG_3159Do your job Part 1


Repeal the journey to narcissim

Repeal the need to prey a victim

Repeal your self proclaimed eloquence

Repeal your desperation for a crisis

Repeal this invention of alternative facts

Repeal this propogation of uncertainity

Repeal symbolism

Repeal profusion

Repeal cosmetic liberalism

Repeal shackled patriotism

Repeal bravery based on brute force

Repeal credibility created on consummate  greed

Repeal the unspoken shackles of destiny

Repeal the future built on a banished past

Repeal reputations

Repeal intolerance

Repeal nepotism

Repeal contradictions

Repeal self indulgent  bravado with prudent valor

Repeal, Repeal, Repeal

and we will celebrate at the village square


One Reply to “The Repeal Petition”

  1. What a passionate appeal for Repeal
    Unspoken shackles of destiny is indeed an eloquent expression which “speaks”of the unspoken
    Contradictions afflicting humanity
    Reasoned poetic writing very thought provoking
    C pal Singh


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