The trophy to inaction


IMG_3236.JPGThe rain drops trickle over reams of parched earth

Fragrance wisps filter heaven’s own aroma

Crack lines eagerly soak up the damp air

An earth dangerously thirsty and in dearth

Stories of loss, desperation and a denial coma

Miracles grope in an effort to wash the ground of it’s pulsating  fear


Breaking down, famers suicides, hoping for hope

Dramatic profits cannot compensate for collective distraction

Flash mob like, nature is engaging every witness

Schizophrenic weather, intoxicated elements, an abused earth trying to cope

Billions of years of earth, water and sky becoming a past, life extinction will be a  trophy to our inaction

Abort this promotion of economic progress , choose to gift your children vibrance and mirth; not a horrific stillness


One Reply to “The trophy to inaction”

  1. Earth is dangerously thirsty. Loss ,desperation and denial have created a state of coma The raindrops trickling on its cracked layer would perhaps miraculously wash away its gnawing fear
    Rejuvenation ,return of vibrance and mirth have been exquisitely intertwined with death of farmers
    economic regression and hope economic regeneration & progress
    Excellent Excellent Excellent


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