Repeatedly Recycled – God?


A) Jesus- Peter- Thomas

born here or there

white, brown or beige

does not matter

he converted the merciless to mercy


B) Shiva- Trilogy- Gods- Goddesses

names of enlightenment

does not matter

they too men and women

taught us to stay enchanted in

that which is within, beyond and of us


C) Moses- Haredi- Secular

Rabbis or courts or texts

does not matter

love and humanity

3000 years, of belief

rooted in the greater good

that was and will be


D) Buddha- Zen- Tibetan

prayer, chanting or mysticisim

does not matter

all point to

impermanence and training

for detachment towards happiness


E) God(s)or his signposts

messiah(s) or their songs

does not matter

inevitably being demolished

replenish your awe

or standby and spectate

cobwebs entangle your texts

cacophony creak the sermons

lethargy indulge your God

along and into an abyss

and the fable will end




One Reply to “Repeatedly Recycled – God?”

  1. Alas – some time the fable is very short and at times it is long tale in slow motion but abyss is
    for all —
    Facts of life woven in words which only you know to choose from your wide range
    Lovely A reminder of transcience of life. Papa



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