Acceptance is
when you stop asking why
why becomes a lifelong gift
when luck is not about you
rather about him
when your focus shifts
from flight or fight to fulfillment
when love is the moment
your eyes meet
not satiation of yearning
rather continuation of yielding
it is letting go and letting in
promising to pursue
despite the pain
acceptance is when
you begin to listen
to the music in dissonance
when you fight
through your days
with fervor of worship
subscribe to doubts
and encourage the voice
that rises from within
when immersion into clouds
brings a feverish outpour
of sweet rain drops
when death does not
create listlessness
instead it opens doors
to new lives and languages
where strength is
the very nucleus
of vulnerability
and not an antonym
acceptance is leveling
hukm is beautifully obvious
you are
hukm becomes yours

as much
as you
let go
and as deep
as you
echo yourself

in and from his hukm

*hukm – the divine will



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