my collection of cities



atlanta chicago new delhi hyderabad mt.abu kohima jalandhar patna boston and many others

bring to me dreams and shadows, crease lines of smiles and furrows near my brows, mischief music and sobering jolts, ideas that empower and distant tolling bells, waves of invigorating memories, meteoric force that propels blood to the edges of my pulse


you brought to me the vivacious stories written in marbles of gurushikhar and rock folds at sunset point

you held me in your nooks and crannies always pregnant with a mischievous mystery

each moment that was born near the lake lived with beauty that never did disappoint

charming both in your men and your looks, endearing stories of folklore and history


delivered a blessing that poured smiles into our souls and undeniable rhythm to our fold

secrets of nawabs huddled hesitant in minars

while the city knotted itself in anticipation of transcendent joys

a riot of gorgeous love came wrapped under the skin of his tiny fist holds

forever left enchanted; we visit  empty treasure troves and keep up a poise


she beguiled us with elegance and panoramic views

her crackling crisp demeanour initiated me to the world of words

roaming her streets was experimental youth who painted in motion and theater

were a delightful muse

Naga woman who defined heritage with her warrior like loom

weaving a humming design in honor of the orange breasted birds


let me call you a milestone memory

a perfection of pace that encouraged vibrant laughter

as grandparents fussed over the to be born grandson

an optimism that lulled us into a misty reverie

unbeknownst to us He was writing an ominous episode

never to be undone


you watched me grow into friendships

and threw at me gambles to bet my life upon

you enlightened me to find patterns in blurry dimensions

then encaptured me into puzzlements akin to layers of chiffon

new delhi

exhaled us with force into the world

meandering reams of opportunities , some perverse

a cacophony of life that often wondered

if there was an antidote to the textured curdle

haphazard prayers, holy books and urban tears

dripped into bottles of potent breath

that tasted like quartz


you of architectural prizes and glistening oasis of lakes

steadfast steel like in your support;

creating a circle of precious heart-throbs

with intricately speckled snowflakes

your orange flamed leaves of oaks and elms

nudged me out of ennui like a petulant escort


a saxophone of children with wings and wishes that whisper;

arrogant sidewalks watch as youth walks into schools

flippantly you toss your waves , quite chipper

bringing to me a glazing bonfire warmth

that lingers even when there is no more fuel


i sensed in you a resemblance to the chocolate chip cookie

in a daze lifting my hot chai and sipping into its comfort

your blue ridge mountains like handmade kites;

look over as you ramble along in sandals and hoodies

pirouettingly the ferris wheel beckons me to into its sunburst


i open the door

and walk into

the quiet full moon night

of my city

and then look far out

to others that resemble

those in the past

















Published by Kashiana

I am a management professional by job classification and a work practitioner by personal preference. One poetry collection - Shelling Peanuts and Stringing Words and a chapbook, Crushed Anthills. Always gathering poems, and letting them marinate and change shape and form.

4 thoughts on “my collection of cities

  1. An enjoyable reading,a quick journey through the cities which have remained etched in your memory for years
    But If I had the talent to express my memories like my daughter I would write an ode to Jammu the temple city of J&k which
    Blessed me with a little doll on a christmax night who lighted our lives then as our first born and
    Continues to provide us the light in the evening of our live
    Our Blessed daughter Kashiana -who is blooming in to mature writer of poetic prose


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