Severe Weather Warning

369B529C-591E-4E25-AD53-DB04EB4400E5transforming –

the landscape shifted

through the dawn

snowflakes, fed into the earth

finding their warmth

settling weightless

to the fields

pine needles blush

their green edges carassed

by a silent silky white

the sky loomed low

gloomy, as it offered

its own horizon

into the nakedness

of a glistening night

brown shrublands awake

to a milky way

as white falls in droves

hyperactive creation

in swift master strokes

freezing a dry crust

into a white grave

sunbeams discover

a new place to shine

pausing their restlessness

evolving –

the universe moves

with tectonic plates

continued titillation

crowdsourcing fates

holding generations

in anxious flirtation

paradoxes that dwell

in buds and blossoms

sustaining equilibrium

immersing into the other

diminishing contradictions

encouraging anticipations

pausing –

allowing a pause

may herald

a promise

of precious poise

Today we were notified of extreme weather conditions








Published by Kashiana

I am a management professional by job classification and a work practitioner by personal preference. One poetry collection - Shelling Peanuts and Stringing Words and a chapbook, Crushed Anthills. Always gathering poems, and letting them marinate and change shape and form.

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