an annual pantomime

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“Encourage you to find a work-life balance” scribbled in light hand, almost hesitatingly so

each year, someone decides to scribble something

bullets in the section called “opportunities”

each year, others in life read and think, often say

hmm, yes, you should, try!

I thought about it long and hard

as I have for more than 20 years

To myself I say – 

seesaw games

swinging into the skyline

holding your breath

jumping off a diving board

Balance or gravity

in a child’ hours?

they found their own

the body knew

as did the earth

dancing, footwork matching anklet sounds

sculpting, kneading into the wetness of clay

theater, voice, and form in position for the audience

baking, ensuring those air bubbles do not go astray

needlework, tying in the thickness of strands with the depth of color

teaching, what you want alongside what they need

amateur attempts all; yet

involved into themselves

wonder alive

mundane, moments of trial

family tied felt knotted into my hands

compliance flooding my mind

following an order; including into marriage

belief, in the simplicity of doing

without the compromise to loving

reconciliation of sides

their water and my sky

sometimes heart, often mind

the id and ego

life as a mantle

of work and worship

and all things in between

connections that touch

distractions that feed

responses that matter

words when you startle

as you hear yourself

when the voice breaks

when it flows over

the fluid spaces between

work and life

interruptions that create an escape

within and without

submission without hesitation


needy child calling, that girlfriend decision, lost wallets, graduation dresses, dinner dates, a recipe for sprouts, income tax on bonus dollars, doctor appointments, dorm rooms and boyfriend crisis


the report, due dates, a flight delayed twice, hotel pillows, presentations, inane research, incoherent change, happy hour plans, endless fishbones, and pyramids

Balance is a lie

the design of our brain

and designation of our muscles

are about deviation and motion

try drain an incessant abscess

stubborn enough to tread its time

yet pamper it with warmth

and it submits to the cajoling

balance is about the weight

in the elements of your valence

labor into your leisure

worship with persistence each day

sing to your work and your play

let the hustle bring you its pleasure

balance supposes there is an all

but winter always follows fall

wear the badge of work and life on your sleeve

trust that light will reflect the variations in your weave

Let me be

persisting into each day

let me do what I do

going the extra mile

intent being my companion

nurtured adequacy is what I create

playing life so there is no stalemate

Let me do what I do

boot the balance

there is much more at stake

let me do what I do

live my daily grind

let my work and my worship

whisk me through a rhythm

do not beckon me with blue sky wishes

do not teach me balance

and lead me astray











Published by Kashiana

I am a management professional by job classification and a work practitioner by personal preference. One poetry collection - Shelling Peanuts and Stringing Words and a chapbook, Crushed Anthills. Always gathering poems, and letting them marinate and change shape and form.

One thought on “an annual pantomime

  1. Life as mantle of work and worship with “interruption ” “botheration ” and in between the hundrums of life are beautifully depicted
    The sensitive poet has transformed even mundane matters of life in to a rhythm with her poetic expression and the magic of her words has turned the same in to a lyric . And she has whisked her self through work and worship to a Rhythm of life

    A Philosophy for todays generation who at time let its soul submerg in the daily routines and rituals.

    Love you Betia Rani


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