Love is charming

It makes you open your heart


I have loved fully, your package deal

of quirks, interests and obsessions


I have wondered sometimes, specially that day

when you told me to pray – for my period pain



When the astrologer said we matched many parts of predictions

except I thought, relationship is not a match game?


Our first fight on our first date was for ice cream

you chose ubiquitous vanilla, it eliminated any chance of sharing a spoon


My analysis is always right and on the money, said dad

he arranged us, I wished the arrangement had quotient!

and then,


I learned, from and with you, beside you

You were patient when I was slow, or impatient


I nearly drowned, into depths that loss brings

You deserved more, but resuscitated me with courage


You kneaded into our marriage, things I owe my life to

Long term, invisible, tender hope, and allowance for smiles


You hummed tunes, like snowflakes and raindrops

The baritone found places to settle, in my nooks and corners


Redeeming faith came through, when fingers trace paths on palms

filling in scars, seeding new furrows, to let laughter sprout


‘We’ worked, intersecting life with meditation

gathering insignificant dust of daily grind, in jars and caskets


Time often lay strewn like autumnal leaves, crushed

you always found spring and called it home, a privilege


You carved out voices from films, stories, to create secret tunnels

used to crawl into each other’s hearts, curling fetal like till ready again


You unobtrusively modeled ‘us’ goals, keeping your end of the bargain

by letting in, staying vulnerable, being curious without conditions


A celebration of and for you, is like making a list

of memories, of being, of giving, of honesty, of curiosity


Of unabashed singing

Of rooted gratitude 

Of endearing coffee

Of riveting fatherhood

Of reliable journeys


Of staying in love

Of finding me

in my me


Love is charming

It makes a home within the pit of you


Published by Kashiana

I am a management professional by job classification and a work practitioner by personal preference. One poetry collection - Shelling Peanuts and Stringing Words and a chapbook, Crushed Anthills. Always gathering poems, and letting them marinate and change shape and form.

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