The Drive Back Home

Preparations The basket for the road warm stuffed bread Eggs, oranges Soda and water Candies and sour bites I make note Relationships setting out together preparing as thoughtfully would ensure essential coverage for the vagaries of long distances Unknown mood swings Unexpected feverish reactions Breakdowns and meltdowns Pit Stops The right timing and location Adventurous enoughContinue reading “The Drive Back Home”

Have a Great Weekend!

  It was indeed a great weekend A diverse New York neighborhood A predictable Saturday evening Celebrating Rest, togetherness, gaiety A typical Nondescript night suddenly shaken by falling shreds of glass like confetti spectacular explosions heard across the river not fireworks Yet again A fearless declaration of dread by the faceless nameless shameless St. Cloud residentsContinue reading “Have a Great Weekend!”

Breaking into new boots

Self-Introspection or Breaking into new boots Quite the same process Both Take time weathering exposure random exploration Both hurt really bad sores that need just letting be Hobbling around with both is an arduous task be it a raw squashed ego due to self-introspection or a blistered toe due to new boots Both self-inflicted The rewardsContinue reading “Breaking into new boots”

Till we meet again

“Advanced Planning Services for Funerals” blinked the signboard as if apologizing for its own presence the casket and the flowers- check the obituary and a tombstone – check the wine and the music – check the prayers and the rabbi – check a guestbook – maybe? photographs – beyond budget! I walked in the ghostlyContinue reading “Till we meet again”

In dedication and with love To the women in my life who made #mylifematter

  To Jyoti, who literally and figuratively has been the light in my life Because, if she had chosen not to bring me into the world Or not held me to her breast when I was born That stormy Christmas night I would not have been! Epitomizing that every life matters She lit up forContinue reading “In dedication and with love To the women in my life who made #mylifematter”