snapping fingers for each other

You are blessed, you gladly become a compass to the other You listen to silent spaces, release it afterwards to choirs across horizons You are like homing pigeons; bring stories home to read together You colonize, playing center to fragile corners of the other You are hunters, of lost treasures in frayed pockets and laughterContinue reading “snapping fingers for each other”

Flames – just in the forest

About you, when you flame the forest  framing spring from the barren aravalis a city which drew it’s celebration from you every Holi years ago when orange shamelessly celebrated uniting communities when color had not become an ideology gorgeously humble  nondescript you surprise with blood red blossoms leafless simplicity transforms into an endearing riot tri-foliage leavesContinue reading “Flames – just in the forest”

The beast that returns

Shrieking solemnly in disharmony Wails darken the church sanctum Like an opera crescendo Interlaced with devil drums Shattered prayers turned Into ripped angel wings That stay like velvet remnants of an opera gown, on a once opulent church ceiling A choir solemnly surprised Singing a last silent note Easter in hell, Easter in hell mothersContinue reading “The beast that returns”


  appendages shredded, nothing bookmarks life better, than scars, flesh crescendos up my spine, and into doors and windows, winter settles enduring one bleak day at a time faltering at fragile moments,  gathering around acrid dumpsters hungry, like starving insides invoking courage, as I scour for food just something, for the babies today knowingly IContinue reading “24/7”