Musings of a feeding bottle

I stayed on the bedside stand, waiting, waiting, waiting Eager and rushed, meanwhile your glands are activating The suckling is so rewarding, to hell with stares To hell with stares, caring no more about public places Enzymes confused with hormones, tears and gurgles you lift up your chest, and determination into your journal He absentlyContinue reading “Musings of a feeding bottle”

she stood solemn

Nortre dame today, Monday   I watched you from the popular instragrammable location I watched you you stood solemn your usual self spine erect, as men women passed through your inner sanctum on a journey, finding selfie focused spirituality dabbling in conversations honoring you, your vastness On the edge of you, weary you stay inward, meditating accumulating relics, symbolsContinue reading “she stood solemn”