My Original Men



You are our magician

Your conduct inspires


This 26th birthday

You are wished

Love that is ever present

Discipline to dream

Courage to face life

Ability to listen and seek



You are the original inspiration

Your stature motivates


This 83rd birthday

You are wished

Many more adventures

With Purpose and pride

A sturdy stride and strong hands

To hold us in your loving care


Possibilities – 1921 to 2018


Possibilities – Rose Mallinger


Of caravans moving across fault-lines

Names and knowledge cutting through

Dictating new normals, being touchstones

Of spoken words and bloody acts

Of solidarity amidst conspiracy

Grief and tears holding silence

Amidst rhetoric of heinous hate

Of tender antidotes to trigger madness

Of two sides to a coin

Being an unacceptable propaganda

The day when Liberty was unveiled

Of days when statues lived possibilities

Of days that living are since dead

When eleven victims are named

Bearers of legacy and love

Of possibilities, fallen to those unhinged

To Rose, who lived 97 with wisdom

This is a promise that possibility

Will not be buried, beneath menace

Rose, we promise possibilities again

Rest In Peace, keeper of the heart

Your grave, spouts an echo

an everlasting sound of amplified liberty

Rarest of the rare


To Jigeesha – you were the rarest of the rare

I have thought about you often, since March 18, 2009



Are you home and surrounded by books?

Do you startle at the sound of screeching cars?

Did you never visit the desert again?


You spanned across dreams and detours

Riding like a singing breeze across hills

And dared to traverse the twists and turns


Mar 18 to Mar 21

Day 1

He said you spat into their faces

When they had your arms creak in pain

Then they knew you would not quit

Night 1

I know, you reached over and kicked him hard

Shattering his ego, as the truck entered a ravine 

You were grateful for being gifted a calm

Day 2

You start to fade as the light peeped in

And wondered if someone would find you

Waiting, you focus your head to books

Twilight 2

In exchange, you see pickaxes and guns

You imagine cutting through your ropes

And jumping out into the stillness

Night 2

By now you feel tears caked in streaks

You are all you have, you start writing letters

With broken fingers, in your own blood


I will be late for work

Can someone please….



deep down 

You always wanted to be a story

Your mother tells it again and again

And still waits for you to knock on the door

As she caresses the ikat covered jewelry box

She is falling apart just like the box, but

prays fervently for your story to not be true


Stay safe Jigeesha

You were born to triumph

Ours forever – 27.9.2018


Dear God,

Thank you for giving us a blessing

I know you have him in your embrace


Your ways are unusual

You wanted to teach us prayer

We are mere learners on route

Captivated by the beauty of your gifts

We believe they are ours -forever

Struggling to untangle the chords

wondering why you break your promises


Your promise is beyond us

in endless mountains of time

That nurture us and ours with strength

Under the spirit of sunny skies

And burnt crisp of autumnal leaves

Where the misty dew brings my tears


Hemisphere & Horizon

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-31 at 9.45.42 PM

You define me 

In all ways I know of me


You are the preface of my life

The genesis of every word I learn


You are my road and my home

Standing sure, at the corner of every exhaustion


You are my light and it’s music

Voices loud and clear even in my deepest silence


You are the finality

That nudges my calves forward, decisive steps


You establish my moorings

The canopy where I curl into myself 


You straddle fragile moments

In ways that mended with perseverance


You are gorgeous

Together and in contrast, my paradise


You trip across life, dreams on cobblestones

And I wonder if I will be even half as magnetic


You illustrate imperturbable composure

Giving me faith, when calm eludes me


You pruned your relationship, often I heard

your arguments dripping warmly into conversations


You shaped habits into each other’s imperfections

My compass when I meander into my own tunnels


You are the hemisphere and horizon

I am safely straddled with you as my bookends

Of serving love, and loved ones


A look back

conjuring up myself

into being a present mother

is like starting over

craving buoyancy, yours

just sitting by each other

pouring cups of tea

flavors boiling over

teasing our bubbling chatter

pain erased by the familiarity

of silly details, and homecoming


be well Sanah

be brave


Invisible tomorrow’s 

you, both, inspire me

learning life, unknowingly

in a charming dismissive way

forming moments, while living minutes

i wonder, often about my presence

if I could do more

in participating, more

or differently in your landscape

often I listen to your words

the unspoken ones mostly

and hear commitment

i wish you honesty

of daily existence

and send you power

to be restless in imagination

yet restful in love

stay anchored Sahir

bring belonging Mansi



sobering myself often

into a responsible daughter

is about forgiving myself, for absence

facing questions with no answers

confident in enduring connections

you are who I will always worship

your magnificence pushes through me

while marking itself within my center

i pray each night, for strength

so my trembling heart can forever

be the wholesome warmth by your side

allow me your endless belief

you are my answers mama &papa



I am thankful for the luxury

of having substantial love

and elegant loved ones, who

live in my body

ignite my mind

push my physical

make me vulnerable




my spirit


leaving me everyday

with a haunting vitality

and guided capability

to serve love

and loved ones















Yearning touches bruises

Turning them into scars

Self medication heals

Scratching loss into innards

Severance relieves pain

Breaking essential ties

Balm permeates a calm

Wrapping itself into hurt

Tears formalize mourning

Pearlizing as they shed

Pause allows a remembrance

Relieving the chatter

Medication delivers kindness

Measuring loss in caplets


Yearning for you

The void of your absence

Ensures a daily grounding

Into existence on your behalf

Sorrow brings a nutty obstinacy

To life & extracts a fullness

Creates a remembrance canvas

Yearning is hard work

Because it keeps you near

Rooting both me and you

In the truth of departure

the stillness of presence

and a nagging, ache that

whispers of the dawn