city of big shoulders

جان بی جمال جانان میل جهان ندارد Arguments under the bridge هر کس که این ندارد حقا که آن ندار Crumble into the curves of the boat با هیچ کس نشانی زان دلستان ندیدم burning embers peep, through pondering windows یا من خبر ندارم یا او نشان ندارد experimental shrines witness to the fires هرContinue reading “city of big shoulders”

few of my favorite things

Raindrops on roses watch the Jonathan Livingston Seagull sitting spine to spine with The Thornbirds whiskers on kittens tease back my urge to Kill a Mockingbird warm woolen mittens carelessly thrown beside the curled edges of Sophie’s Choice brown paper packages opened to reveal a tumble load of The Godfather, hard bound these are aContinue reading “few of my favorite things”

crumbling cookies

the urge to let the borders of self blur and invite indulgence in   the bridge between submission and subscription to destiny and desires   crumbling cookies between curled up feet dipping crisps in potions of teasing warmth and wit   comforting cuppas melodious kettle whistles smooth aromas fill empty spaces with tender ginger tones   choices present asContinue reading “crumbling cookies”

growing up with you

Sieving through my feelings today, I find 10 ten things I grew up with; things that are you garden tending fingers, grace bent over flower beds and bougainvillea bushes embellished basha homes, each corner a chapter of a story crocheted friendship tales and warm scones sprinkled with cheerful chatter; giving in all ways you could prayerContinue reading “growing up with you”

Take Back Nirbhaya

Never did my dreams shrink into a cocoon, nightmares don’t sit only in dark alleys I overheard him belching again, echoing the devil from Realms of shattered bodies and fractured souls Beautiful physique, he declared today Holding my breath, sick to my stomach Afraid, it is happening again, violent penetrating words Yearning ache, choked inContinue reading “Take Back Nirbhaya”