grit to persevere; invictus inspired

  you made us recite it again and again we practiced and presented you clipped short all complaints   stand straight; backbone up speak loud; voice crisp in obedience to instructions we learned to tame our lisps   look front and center; eyes making fierce contact on stage a young girl made an audience pactContinue reading “grit to persevere; invictus inspired”

Severe Weather Warning

transforming – the landscape shifted through the dawn snowflakes, fed into the earth finding their warmth settling weightless to the fields pine needles blush their green edges carassed by a silent silky white the sky loomed low gloomy, as it offered its own horizon into the nakedness of a glistening night brown shrublands awake to a milkyContinue reading “Severe Weather Warning”

To Papa,Sahir and Circadian rhythms

You, together are timekeepers of the family Serve as an internal constant The elder, you bring us an essence of dreams The younger, you bring us an alignment of our days One wakes us up to the cheer of new perspectives The other relishes in reclaiming connections Reciprocity that you both offer is compelling YourContinue reading “To Papa,Sahir and Circadian rhythms”