All in a day’s work

cautious work does not enable extreme learning and fractured bones are caused by lack of use creating code makes a monotonous ticking sound and survival is best tested through daily assessment recognition of your own reward criteria triggers DNA modification and ice packs barely sedate tired hurting eyelids rhythmic hours that clock a parallel streaming intoContinue reading “All in a day’s work”

Coming of age

Coming of age Ample grace Retreating glances Generous tales Wounded obligations Brilliant emptiness Tamed performances Bleeding cuticles Altered migraines Daring intentions Bright suspicions Scrubbed sentiments Lethal vulnerability Ample exhaustion Decisive determination Failed seduction Lingering eroticism Subjugated imagination Luxurious rage Marked coherence Coming of age the eyes that smile in wrinkles that line milky ways andContinue reading “Coming of age”

Birthday scrapbook

Birthdays of annual pomp and blessings of marching musical brass bands in ensemble and delectable biscuit cakes in the fridge Birthdays of perennial miracles and grace   Hors-d’oeuvre and a thousand treats favors to return in magical bags gladness of games and streaming balloons Birthdays of annual pomp and blessings   Tunes to sing and songsContinue reading “Birthday scrapbook”

my collection of cities

Cities atlanta chicago new delhi hyderabad mt.abu kohima jalandhar patna boston and many others bring to me dreams and shadows, crease lines of smiles and furrows near my brows, mischief music and sobering jolts, ideas that empower and distant tolling bells, waves of invigorating memories, meteoric force that propels blood to the edges of my pulseContinue reading “my collection of cities”

Mavericks and Hurricanes

Hurricanes let loose mavericks at play   hijacking lives out of homes hashing out arbitary pardons hosting criminal robes in hearts not prisons tranquility greeting torture traumatizing storms through miles tiring relentless political monotone torn apart mankind by betrayal of faith Blinded by foggy venom blowing winds closing in the devil Bastardizing votes and forefatherContinue reading “Mavericks and Hurricanes”