finding poems in bazaars

Farmers markets Formula shopping taking a break to touch, feel, talk bountiful sights encourage a break stir up sensibilities Farmers markets baskets with strawberry luscious and anticipative the onion skins itself on the cobbled walkway pleasingly purple and crisp fried potato’s lean into the air,a concoction of self-indulgent treats pancake stalls make concessions to pointlessContinue reading “finding poems in bazaars”

Twenty tournaments and yet..

Twenty tournaments Since that moment when you left us with the world beneath our feet and its many broken parts like crumpled sheafs of paper fragrance in your closets neither here nor there scabs on our heart skins rubbing hope into each other instead, dripping voids Trying to illuminate Twenty tournaments Counting twenty tournaments StillContinue reading “Twenty tournaments and yet..”

Shelling Peanuts

We chase conversations, Crunching bags of eager peanuts You dust promises into spaces between cracked shells Together we jostle dreams settling into scattered skin and chaff Smiling in acknowledgment Symbiotic glances, like peanut and salt Bringing stories together Nutty anecdotes coated in toasty flavors Seeds break out of their comfort Nostalgic taste punctuating sentences Memories becomeContinue reading “Shelling Peanuts”


revisiting tchotchke gaudy colors and tacky textures strung on tree branches, sitting on shelves that magnet, the lanyard, those peg measures toy story like, alive in dreams and adventures crowding dresser table tops,pinned on scruffy coat lapels whispering in hesitant shapes, stories and verses finding tchotchke a book stand spills over, hiding predictably, in the cornerContinue reading “tchotchke*”


sandcastles in the sun are you willing to call it fun? sandcastles with a moat does creativity flourish by rote? sandcastles that glisten pride may i match the depth of your stride? sandcastles sculpted with bare handed care will you knead my heart with similar flare? sandcastles that repair and replenish can the aquamarine mirror my tears with similar flourish?Continue reading “sandcastles”

Road Trip for my Graduate

Glaring headlights, squinting into eyes Graduation, a mile marker – one you can amortize Roadblocks, accidental speed pause Road-ready, you navigate sharp turns with an applause Afghan like colorful crocheted, dales and fields Anchored steady, yielding spiritedly to odds and ordeals Driving impaired, compulsively through emergency stops Dean’s speech focus, stimulating you towards detours and mikeContinue reading “Road Trip for my Graduate”