compare and contrast

She lived a flower arrangement routine Details, twines, pin holder perfection I box flowers in confused bursts tiger lily’s unabashedly preen peony’s skip in affection embarrassing edges wilt with thirst   She taught with the skills of a practitioner Brought a capable introverted stability I teach work as worship agile, evolving as an exhibitioner burstingContinue reading “compare and contrast”

Mama kind of things

Mama kind of beautiful Panasonic cloud view Her kind of aromatic Pine sol clean and invigorating She is that kind of advocate On watch, available, her optimal self Their kind of heroics Auto configured resilience many 9 months Mama kind of nurturing Breast embraced cocoon Her kind of professionalism Everyday kitchen and laundry ethics SheContinue reading “Mama kind of things”

An ode to Michelle Obama

Oh long fingered woman of mine your core had memorable scars Walked straight, with an agility to align color, gender, set apart with your own shine Pristine house stood on its pillars echoed enchantment whenever you borrowed that mike progress reshaped with others, brutality backtracked Ever at fore and front, never a filler stakeholder care,Continue reading “An ode to Michelle Obama”

love or arranged – marriage?

Arranged marriage myths a few- – hotbed of marital conflict – parents license the first kiss – romance impaired by relative blitz   Contrasting the styles of courtship dating essential to unzip vs stimulation being a mental trip listening intently talking glib vs silence as a musical trip   Champagne as a toast to lifeContinue reading “love or arranged – marriage?”

Acquired Taste

brewed for years within my taste cortex the lingering flavor of conversation in motion simmering pot gurgles ideas in each leaf delectable biscotti dip crumbs forming journey maps whistling kettle calls to action healing pot is shared lingering napkin stains mock at the sipping sounds singeing at puckering lips rain drizzles like honey drops the anthemContinue reading “Acquired Taste”