Trinket Box

Trinkets handkerchief’ed inside that glazed box Testament to many and resilient joys Mysterious key that turned in its lock   Emeralds limpingly dangle as ear drops Grace then favored the small and less Rainbow colored gems embedded into tops   Silver rusting yet raging bold Temple bells alongside peacock motifs Chokers and slender necks to behold  Continue reading “Trinket Box”

The Turbaned Tornado – in inspiration

NaPoWriMo 2017   Running from perceptions and into his identity Stereotypes and comfort zones broken at every step Jogging across thresholds, crossing marathons with empathy Sprinting through journeys that can make the mind inept   Training with pain, heartbeats in healing Finish lines left behind in every chase Partnership side by side, each stride in seeking Every mile addingContinue reading “The Turbaned Tornado – in inspiration”


NaPoWriMo 2017 Bold in colors, intimately interspersed with stanzas of drama Lightly sensuous tassels spread carelessly on the couch Assuring memories carefully snuggled into a woven panaroma Negative clutter discarded with leftover skeins in the pouch Keeping adequete rhythm white metal hooks singing row after row Easing into the drape were stories gathered into mysterious reams Toes and fingers popping out of twisted holes in the blanket squares Souvenir of bundledContinue reading “Keepsake”