Friendly Contract

Relative Confessions Part 4   Things old moccasins bleeding ink on paper folds crocheted doilies clumsy artwork tins, boxes, bottles colors, scents aplenty missing dupattas lampshade warmth chai cuppa silver choker coins, leftovers buddha heads stained frames   Minutes mystical smiles careless laughs spoken silence measured awareness refined writings   Habits incoherent jokes wrinkled tearsContinue reading “Friendly Contract”

Sister-work in progress

Relative Confessions Part 3 Starfish you Solidarity with the center Placenta like, tentacles push you outwards towards your next venture   Mermaid you Arielle like, personality, enchanted desire carefree dream unlamented   Protagonist you obnoxious enough, living intersections travelling with bumps   Divinity you faith follower, inward sure refreshing with a twist owning them pajamas orContinue reading “Sister-work in progress”

Cliff Notes – designing fatherhood

Relative Confessions – Part 2 unknowingly unabashedly you have owned designing fatherhood epic, effortless always,conspiring for us,making things happen   The Expansiveness of being you your span beyond geography, language learning you remain a receiver and giver   The Resilience of being you tides and winds warnings of disaster seismic aftershocks left you with moments,Continue reading “Cliff Notes – designing fatherhood”

Your unlaced boots

Relative Confessions – Part 1 brother, son, friend wistful warmth, your chubby hand clasp eager steps, boots unlaced always a worried voice, future unfolding uncertain sharp gaze, gentle dove like; tiger raw Urn glistened, fugitive arms holding; pieces of us set you home, be fearless we follow just behind you taught, impermanence our pending lessons were yours toContinue reading “Your unlaced boots”

One Year Itch:1/31/2017

It is the one year anniversary of your retirement twelve months since you took a leap of faith and each time during these 12 months that you responded to the frequently asked questions – you grew taller stood stronger taught honesty demonstrated discipline and most importantly, you relished in pride at letting go Q1 –Continue reading “One Year Itch:1/31/2017”

Bringing in the Snow

First Snowfall revisiting the palette black,white and nothing to paint in moods, madness pure plain hopeful First Snowflake defining magic tentacle by tentacle frost falls like stars on the ground weightless soundless like broken dreams First Snowman sturdy and sure adding dimension to the flat white expanse the red scarf fluttering yet tight in aContinue reading “Bringing in the Snow”