Is humility more nimble than pride? The Titanic Lessons!

When life seems titanic like And the dilemma is staring at you in the most glamorous colors of sarcasm When crossroads is not a special defining moment but here and now Then , infusing control is no longer a choice refuse being vestigial redefine your trajectory replug the hole in your hull reaffirm the knotContinue reading “Is humility more nimble than pride? The Titanic Lessons!”

The 15th Victim of San Bernardino

December 2nd it was When San Bernardino was riddled with bullets When a Christmas party was aborted Unassuming lives came to a gruesome halt 14 victims who will always be remembered Prayers and candle vigils Memorials conducted by loved ones A man and woman were shot dead too They were Killers I made my Santa wishContinue reading “The 15th Victim of San Bernardino”

A Thanksgiving poem – for my man and that man in the concert hall

My thanksgiving message is two-fold For the one farthest from my heart And for the one closest to my heart Part I – For the one farthest from my heart – the one for whom the first response is hate I want to offer my thanks to him for by tearing apart our worlds theContinue reading “A Thanksgiving poem – for my man and that man in the concert hall”

Relocating for that dream assignment?

Resetting elements of an existence without the familiarity of the foundation stones creating, finding,discovering new corner stones instead resetting dependencies reevaluating weakness strengths reconfigured laughing often the eyes glistening moist knowing there is help and asking is just fine staying connected repatching favorites discovering new immersion is what the venture is all about touching the core and theContinue reading “Relocating for that dream assignment?”