An obstinate yearning

Yearning picks at bruises slow slender movements scars on each petal, my memory, still fragile and recovering an en bloc extraction of my innards   Self medication heals clumsily, it tranquilizes breaks news, hovering as petals fall like corpses into their last piles, breath devoured by a crass earth   Balms permeate a calm wrappingContinue reading “An obstinate yearning”

Embodying womanhood

days Always in my head, a sense of being distraught Over- brimmed with one color, an unassuming rust red Mundane chit chat, litters into feather like afterthoughts Scribbling screams tethered tight on mental farm stands nights A photo collage like experiment, reflecting cacophony Every square inch, is of a body sucked into vacuums Calculated planetaryContinue reading “Embodying womanhood”

light without darkness

Days are getting darker, universally Human existence learns devastating heartbreak, compelled to accept, condemned to otherness Crossing boundaries, bridges, walls, centuries; human occupation of lands marked by race, subject to violence Actions embedded in daily routine; specific sadness, unabashedly showing anger Herds more, individuals less; selectively eliminating questions from vocabulary Because questions are a speakingContinue reading “light without darkness”