Basil infused chai

What I want to gift myself is Mary Oliver’s beloved world an unexpected chorus of imagination in conversations at my beck and call   Resurrection is outside my window lily and poppy bulbs eager to burst open Grass blades prickle demanding silent rain Ground cover trellis growing supple again Tree sprouts offer themselves unto a sweet blueContinue reading “Basil infused chai”

Unending minutes

Answers are perpetually being formed Through many unanswerable questions  For example Hope is often misunderstood As the nourishment to loneliness Misfortune is justified  By blaming forces uncontrolled  Ordinariness is a biased view That assumes human importance   The bullet shells that stay fallen As the killer runs his course through A head fell tick tookContinue reading “Unending minutes”

Her too – not just Nirmala

Unending steps, Nirmala embraces her own race A famished charm hovers cautiously over her face Her bone structure festered into a trained solitude Hands a healing force, as her knuckles protrude   Red bold kumkum circle, an effort to distance that lech Conjugal bliss empties itself into an abundant acidic belch Saree pleats tucked aside, as sheContinue reading “Her too – not just Nirmala”