Pulwama, your saffron fields

Forty dead, bodies returned, soldiers mourned, nation angry Pulwama was known for saffron – and is now dripping in the pigments of blood-drenched fields and flowers   Forever forging ahead, at the hands of a callous nation Obnoxious politics, a distressed tricolor on coffins Repeat, rinse, repeat, repeat, rinse, repeat Telling the same story, imposingContinue reading “Pulwama, your saffron fields”

about polar vortex etc

about comparisons that are relatively subjective about paradigms across poles which span extreme contrasts about weather apps and small talk about experiments with freezing points about metric systems and the rest of the world about endangered environment and presidential twitter posts about driveways buried under severe inability about vast emptiness which is white open aboutContinue reading “about polar vortex etc”

Cradling contradictions

I write my own story I create delivering a composition of myriad emotions cocooned in me my blood and insides a twisted tale which descends into depths of union, of ecstasy a forceful passage dark tunnels fiercely contracting into voids an abundant first cry delivered with respite I give birth to significance I give birthContinue reading “Cradling contradictions”

Possibilities – 1921 to 2018

Possibilities – Rose Mallinger   Of caravans moving across fault-lines Names and knowledge cutting through Dictating new normals, being touchstones Of spoken words and bloody acts Of solidarity amidst conspiracy Grief and tears holding silence Amidst rhetoric of heinous hate Of tender antidotes to trigger madness Of two sides to a coin Being an unacceptableContinue reading “Possibilities – 1921 to 2018”

Of serving love, and loved ones

A look back conjuring up myself into being a present mother is like starting over craving buoyancy, yours just sitting by each other pouring cups of tea flavors boiling over teasing our bubbling chatter pain erased by the familiarity of silly details, and homecoming   be well Sanah be brave   Invisible tomorrow’s  you, both, inspireContinue reading “Of serving love, and loved ones”