Yearning Yearning touches bruises Turning them into scars Self medication heals Scratching loss into innards Severance relieves pain Breaking essential ties Balm permeates a calm Wrapping itself into hurt Tears formalize mourning Pearlizing as they shed Pause allows a remembrance Relieving the chatter Medication delivers kindness Measuring loss in caplets   Yearning for you The voidContinue reading “Yearning”

roots and wings

gatherings, reunions are like seminars or, genealogy by the bars uncomfortable truths jarring jokes targeting your own folks evidence of lineage through twisted pasts and sparsely sketched hearts quiet conversations about dignity and mind mending and stitching, to keep entwined growing up and into unblemished landmarks laughter full of sparks drinking to amends  finding heroesContinue reading “roots and wings”

“we laughed until we cried”

We shared an exquisite connection that is hard to portray or paint It did not have a defined pattern could not be copied, or questioned instead mesmerized with a sincere gaze   We had a package deal that juxtaposed an uplifting joy with angst, and confusion offered surety and strength through uncertainty and storms  Continue reading ““we laughed until we cried””