NaPoWriMo 2020 – We are Serving Up Essays!

It’s National Poetry Month and a few of us are bringing to short, readable, illustrated, essays at your doorstep every day. The very diligent Steve Spandouis curates these articles with contributions from Bob Blair Robin Martin Berard, Howard Miller and myself this year. I have one up about Writing in times of Unease – Anne Boyer and…

The witchcraft of daughters and mothers

Kidnapping you for a day, away From the dailiness, of duties I walk with you outward, outward Into a brewery of chamomile I disentangle my roman locks From the twists and turns of me My own encounters, I walk with you deliberately, kidnapping you for a day   I walk with you, Sanah, side by…


You don’t need anything, you say You always brush me aside when I ask So I decided to will you my own will A will that is made of the potent residue That stays after our anatomy is distilled So here it is Papa, a few non-gifts from me, condensed into a will Bite-sized and…


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