Mama kind of things


Mama kind of beautiful
Panasonic cloud view
Her kind of aromatic
Pine sol clean and invigorating
She is that kind of advocate
On watch, available, her optimal self
Their kind of heroics
Auto configured resilience many 9 months
Mama kind of nurturing
Breast embraced cocoon
Her kind of professionalism
Everyday kitchen and laundry ethics
She is that kind of spiritual
screams incompetence to God as he watches cities fall
Their kind of happiness
Always flowing into and from others

Mama kind of vibrance
Illuminating with inspiration in the darkest hours

Mother of mine


Be determination

born of steps deliberate

tender force engulfs us


Warm hands cusp my storms

she saves chestnuts under her pillow

I borrow my goodnight calm


She is quilting fierce

circles like orbits, relentless colors

I devour each touch dew like


Reluctance never her

forward onward upward teaches

mystery leaves more to seek


Beauty Dossier


Sure fix for pores and skin spots; tentative results with your porous past that never stays sealed

Smooth’s flyaway strands; never sleek enough when hit by realization gusts

Pretty eyelids with peony shades; bags underneath tell the tale

Juice mask tranquility for 30 mins; before bitterness hits the palate

Crushed petals on eager pristine sheets; a nauseating loneliness still lingers after the spa

Scrubbing extracts leave a glow; doubtful belief embers a fire

Infusing complex oils heal except when enticing coarse remnants of your skin; flowing into furrows of bruises and broken veins

Eau de toilette spritz uplifts; fritters away as imminent notes of fatigue takeover

Hydrated and wrinkle cared for with a full service manipulation; but nothing plugs that relentless fountain of toxics

Beauty trapped in every swath of your being awaits a release; offering permission and persuasion does not need a spa appointment

taffeta and lace


IMG_3281Seven vows most sacred, I wore pink taffeta and lace

fire flamed in a designer glow, you looked sharp, ornate crest emblazed

Stepping into everafter, the portico blossoming sacred with chants and marigold

brimming hope, my father gave my hand into your palm to hold

Appendage like on your right, the first circle of trust complete

promise of health and household should not feel such a burdensome feat

Shuffling along in tune with the second narration

my fingers laced cold against your palm, an uncanny insinuation

The third circle was dedicated to righteous wealth

my lace snagged on your gold, did I feel it tighten like a nooze, of death?

My heart pumped, we were in the middle

the fourth message was harmony, your eyes met mine like a riddle

I knew the fifth, sixth, seventh vows were a never

pompous demands.imbecile assurances.your nervous tremor

where and when had it become such an endeavor

Let the seismic play, the planets, the dates, and stars

rotate backward, undo the scars

My pause to our hesitant music, let us nurse a thoughtful convalescence

your choice needs to be surgical, the warts you deal with are obviously extraneous

I desire, someday to complete my unfinished vows, in their essential quintessence

silence now will chafe our patience, lessons with stumbling starts are trickier to discern

Repeatedly Recycled – God?


A) Jesus- Peter- Thomas

born here or there

white, brown or beige

does not matter

he converted the merciless to mercy


B) Shiva- Trilogy- Gods- Goddesses

names of enlightenment

does not matter

they too men and women

taught us to stay enchanted in

that which is within, beyond and of us


C) Moses- Haredi- Secular

Rabbis or courts or texts

does not matter

love and humanity

3000 years, of belief

rooted in the greater good

that was and will be


D) Buddha- Zen- Tibetan

prayer, chanting or mysticisim

does not matter

all point to

impermanence and training

for detachment towards happiness


E) God(s)or his signposts

messiah(s) or their songs

does not matter

inevitably being demolished

replenish your awe

or standby and spectate

cobwebs entangle your texts

cacophony creak the sermons

lethargy indulge your God

along and into an abyss

and the fable will end



An ode to Michelle Obama


Oh long fingered woman of mine

your core had memorable scars

Walked straight, with an agility to align

color, gender, set apart with your own shine

Pristine house stood on its pillars

echoed enchantment whenever you borrowed that mike

progress reshaped with others, brutality backtracked

Ever at fore and front, never a filler

stakeholder care, a functioning calm, shifting the tide

mirroring hope to that young girl, a new playbook that had lacked

Books, besides your beau you sought

the mortality of power, you shrugged, scorned

standing proudly by his side, what a handsome dance you taught

glistening oration prominent with gravitas you adorned

well brewed, a glory reimagined

flaunting deep vibrancy and a bold glow

stride surpassing ever resistant roads

your signature brand, ever-impassioned

optimism for a volatile country, you challenged status quo

veteran, children, women, oriented to a purposeful workload

Vulnerable woman, intimate, groundbreaking

You, Michelle, slayed low and stayed high –


NaPoWriMo 2017

love or arranged – marriage?

IMG_3250Arranged marriage myths

a few-

– hotbed of marital conflict

– parents license the first kiss

– romance impaired by relative blitz


Contrasting the styles of courtship

dating essential to unzip


stimulation being a mental trip

listening intently talking glib


silence as a musical trip


Champagne as a toast to life

two souls discovered in strife

memories built for afterlife


apathy preventing a revive

boxed pictures in archives


Dreams housed vs dream houses

love or arranged, maple syrup vs molasses

delineating ‘how’ignores handclasp basics