sandcastles in the sun
are you willing to call it fun?
sandcastles with a moat
does creativity flourish by rote?
sandcastles that glisten pride
may i match the depth of your stride?
sandcastles sculpted with bare handed care
will you knead my heart with similar flare?
sandcastles that repair and replenish
can the aquamarine mirror my tears with similar flourish?
sandcastles that hold secrets in tunnels
why does your touch curdle the blood in my funnels?
sandcastles embellished with starfish and seashells
how you indulge me when I need your shoulder to dwell?
sandcastles with minarets that towards the morning rays rise
are you my embrace before the change of tide?
sandcastles disseminate with the setting sun
would you be the shadow to my tan before it burns?
sandcastles hold rivulets in careful streams
will your arms be the dam to my drowning dreams?
sandcastles caressing the air with the turrets
why do you enchant me with your footprints playing a concert?

remember when


you lay hapless, sterile, quite wanting a hug!

at that moment there was a mother sending a firm message to you and to Him

nothing doing, get your act together

no unclear terms

not another time

she was in control, would have it no other way

He knew it was not going to be easy to cross her path

I gave you your warm hug, you smiled your usual silent way

urging wellness to you always..

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Swimsuits under siege



Are supposedly a shame
The rapturousness of my shape is to blame
Your stupid cannot be called naive
My good looks are suspended on a spine stubbornly brave
Nauseatingly, you judge modesty by my pose
Forever the shrill of your voice excused as an overdose
My legs bask vivaciously as they speak to the sand
For god’s sake, choke that maniacal rant
black and beauty, sea and sanity can seamlessly align
broken record , your opinion pitch is a whine
Swan like my neck rises caressingly above my breasts
I gave you no permission to declare a moral debate-fest
Curled in my recline, radiant in love
Unabashed grace , no wetsuit or kid gloves
Enveloped in salt water spray, allure of nature in an orgy

reverence strikes, my siesta aborted

I witness being abducted into depraved dress code theories

Road Trip for my Graduate


Glaring headlights, squinting into eyes

Graduation, a mile marker – one you can amortize

Roadblocks, accidental speed pause

Road-ready, you navigate sharp turns with an applause

Afghan like colorful crocheted, dales and fields

Anchored steady, yielding spiritedly to odds and ordeals

Driving impaired, compulsively through emergency stops

Dean’s speech focus, stimulating you towards detours and mike drops

Upbeat songs, humming the soundtrack of split second decisions

Unfolding precautious dreams, you now march intoxicated towards a mission

Architectural views of cities, mirage-like on trip detours

Applause-worthy your persistence, a seatbelted ability to endure

Treats stocked, tires inflated, fuel fed momentum

Tiptoe’ing with surety, you etch an unfettered confidence spectrum

Exit tracks and turnpikes rivulet through diverse landscapes

Empowered, standing resilient to headwinds, eager quests you self-shape

Graduate through life, cruise driving at a consistent pace

Chashm-e-baddoor, through highs and lows stay in His embrace!



Harmony of sorts, in steps

securing distance from destinations

a rehearsed human sleepwalk

addressing swiftly a elbow touch

spinning on tips at shoulder taps

blending an air of vulnerability

into the patience of waiting in unison


classic oxfords in frayed laces

loafers blatant and cheap

crocodile leather pumps in cheer

sentimental booties with scratched heels

cushioned soles pointing to a weekend escape

knee high boots shuffling towards warmer climes

mules tapping stress into the carpet

sneakers exuding a hysterical attitude

espaderilled physically withstanding the rush


each pair lightly steering

nervous limbs towards a submissive rhythm

treading on common ground

a collection of clockwork steps

blending the walk and the talk


coordinated and in cadence

pausing at the self effacing eye contact

marshaling an unpretentious protest

each foot forward demonstrates

a souvenir store like collaboration

definite strides that transition

mankind at an airport



surprisingly still a stunner

sure footedly dodging differences

darting onwards step in step

towards a shared ride

of an iconic human purposefulness

compare and contrast


She lived a flower arrangement routine

Details, twines, pin holder perfection

I box flowers in confused bursts

tiger lily’s unabashedly preen

peony’s skip in affection

embarrassing edges wilt with thirst


She taught with the skills of a practitioner

Brought a capable introverted stability

I teach work as worship

agile, evolving as an exhibitioner

bursting in interaction vs her brevity

my motherhood an entrepreneurship


She was preceded by the fragrance of her reputation

Herbs, sauces, mixes framed a culinary infrastructure

I cook in random experiments

my pots and pans fighting a rescue operation

my hands knead batter but are trained to sculpture

time affordability not allowed to be an impediment


She converges us to a center, I signal a divergence

She distills our opinions, I extricate through absorption

She is the window to my space, I hold the door to their dreams

She sacrifices with regulation, I indulge to test rebellion

The case for togetherness


When you laugh at each other

and seek advantage in it

When secret signals are not a bother

and sparks outperform the need to be lit

Where heartache headily cocktails with gratitude

and purpose draws a canvas

Where curves show up as smiles in multitudes

and heartbeats paddle in practice

Why arguement is now a deliberation

and assimilation is iterative

Why curiousity becomes a foundation

and language is mutually stimulative

How fragility glistens on a diamond

and opportunity becomes shared

How moments concretize into an island

and minutes without the other seem impaired

Who scribbled a dream in fairy lights

and designed a boulevard of souls

Who interlocked hands as life shone in floodlights

and embraced the awkwardness of adjusted roles