Published Poems

Kashiana Singh

Just by the way….etching thoughts

Four poems

Feminine Collective

The howls of open exit wounds -3 poems

The Chakkar

Four Window Poems

Alipore Post

An anthology of Arts and words (2016 Turner Prize-winning artist Helen Marten’s beautiful picture is the inspiration)

Abracadabra (page no 81)

Lucy Writers

Pagri/Paggar/Pagadi/Pagg Turbans

Indian Periodical

An Unclenched Tardigrade

Poets Reading The News

Bolo Humsafar

Poets Reading The News

I stopped counting

Muse India


Narrow Road Journal (page 68)


Delhi Mayenk Austen Sufi Blog

Self Obituary – I would if I could

Fasihi Magazine

Braiding Inside old chai cups   Broken questions   We die everyday Sirens 

Writing in a woman’s voice

a collective ritual

sweet home


The Local Train Magazine

Translating A Feminist

The Fox Poetry Box

Ode to Paused Cities

They played Ashtapada

Cleanup after you give birth

Visual Verse Magazine

Cross Stitch

Turn Pike

A Retrograde Mercury

Poets Reading The News

I Stopped Counting

Feminine Collective

lost mail packages,

souvenir of a rape victim


learning to meditate,

room with a view

Writers Club

state of being alone

Tea stains at borders

Aura Pottery

Oh potter, your hands

Narrow Road Literary Journal Vol 7 (page 32-33)

Living across time zones

Narrow Road Literary Journal Vol 10 (page 13-14)

Curdled Milk

Do you understand?

Duane’s New Poe Tree

In transit — Anthony Bourdain

Best Petry

Balanced Syndrome

Aura Pottery

Oh Potter your hands

World literature blog



Barefooted they walk

Eleven photographs



Pedicured weekends

Poetry Super Highway

Absent neighbors

Oddball Magazine

Mr.Zuckerberg, you don’t know?

Dissident voice

I dare you

Dream Noir

Placid waters

Café Dissensus

Re-calibrating Kashmir

To the efficient women of Shaheen Bagh

everyday you play

The Indian Pantheons of God

Writers Club

Tea Stains at Borders

Mad in Asia Pacific


Mercy is a poem

Inverse Journal

Half-finished Poems

Basil Chai, rituals

Littered nostalgia

birds of dire battles

Visual Verse Magazine

10 Roles of a witness

Sikh Net/Sikh Coalition

His own magnificent sons Link 1

His own magnificent sons Link 2

Narrow Road Literary Journal

curdled milk in Vol 10 page 13

Do you understand? in Vol 10 page 13

meditations in Vol 11 page 68

Counter Currents

Clean up after you give birth – and don’t forget your mask

Borderlerless Journal

Three dimensions

We live in intermissions


Maps Circa 2000

Setu Magazine

Love in the foyer

dormant rituals

they say time heals

Elephant Journal Website

Where phenomena occur, is paradise

Feminine Collective Website

Souvenirs of rape victim

Remington Review (Summer 2020) Page 49


The Thieving Magpie

my amygdala

threshold are subjective



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