The gnawing feeling

That “no word” feeling at the pit of your being – leaves you cathartic, yearning for more…
At 10 it’s the sight of the chocolate bar in the candy jar
At 14 it’s the glimpse of the imagined lover
At 16 it’s planning for your first rendezvous
At 21 it’s obsessing about that interview
At 24 it’s when you realize you have to proclaim you are pregnant and..
At 28 when you actually realize you want to commit
At 34 when a child suddenly starts to
demonstrate independence and you
know parenting cannot be a standard operating procedure!
At 40 when you embrace what you see in the mirror .. Again
At 45 when your near teenager is at the edge of a fit because you acted so inane that it is unbelievable
At 50 when your parents call in the middle of the night to alert you about the terrible toothache that could be an..
At 70 when you wake up to your own breath a couple of times a night..

So what? Lean in?Relish that no word feeling when it gnaws at your being. It will transform..That is for sure!


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