Events & Readings

YouTube Channel

Now and again, I read some lines and think it is poetry. Would love to have you listen too, but it makes me smile and opens the door to many more.

Open Mic Sessions

Reading my favorite poem – Mangroves at The Traveling Mollys Literary Open Mic and Reading Series

Wednesday Night Poetry

Joining the chorus every week at the beautifully curated Wednesday Night Poetry, the longest running poetry open mic in America. This is run from Arkansas by the poet and author Kai Coggin

Rhyme Republic Event

Hope and Humanity as Resistance

Poets Reading Poets

Reading “Crowning” by Kevin Young for Poets Reading Poets

The Festival of Hope in Versopolis – Poets Reading Poets

Reading “How to be happy in 101 Days” by Tishani Doshi for the Festival of Hope – Poets Reading Poets. This was featured amongst the curated poems in  Versopolis, a platform of 30 European international poetry festivals

Rattle- Open Mic Session 26

 Reading on Rattle Open Mic Session 26 (1:18:30 to 1:23:30)

Episode 4

Night Moves Radio: Host Ariana Cherry

Night Moves Radio: Host Ariana Cherry Speaks with Kashiana Singh

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Podcast with Linda Ashok

Episode 3 :: Mother’s day Special

LIT BALM and 100,000 Poets for Change

Kashiana reading Country, on Lit Balm and 100,000 Poets for Change

Webinar by NISSMAT

Kashiana Speaks on Nismmat Webinar as Panelist for “Getting Extraordinary Results from Ordinary People

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