Harmony of sorts, in steps

securing distance from destinations

a rehearsed human sleepwalk

addressing swiftly a elbow touch

spinning on tips at shoulder taps

blending an air of vulnerability

into the patience of waiting in unison


classic oxfords in frayed laces

loafers blatant and cheap

crocodile leather pumps in cheer

sentimental booties with scratched heels

cushioned soles pointing to a weekend escape

knee high boots shuffling towards warmer climes

mules tapping stress into the carpet

sneakers exuding a hysterical attitude

espaderilled physically withstanding the rush


each pair lightly steering

nervous limbs towards a submissive rhythm

treading on common ground

a collection of clockwork steps

blending the walk and the talk


coordinated and in cadence

pausing at the self effacing eye contact

marshaling an unpretentious protest

each foot forward demonstrates

a souvenir store like collaboration

definite strides that transition

mankind at an airport



surprisingly still a stunner

sure footedly dodging differences

darting onwards step in step

towards a shared ride

of an iconic human purposefulness


One Reply to “Airports”

  1. Keen observance of surroundings and expressing the same poetically
    Is indeed a rare combinations of mundane and ethereal
    The day to day movements and working on any airport has been transformed to beauty of poem
    Almost Every piece of your poetic expresssions creates a new gen


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