In dedication and with love To the women in my life who made #mylifematter


To Jyoti, who literally and figuratively has been the light in my life

Because, if she had chosen not to bring me into the world

Or not held me to her breast when I was born

That stormy Christmas night

I would not have been!

Epitomizing that every life matters

She lit up for me, like a candle

Never let her flame dwindle

She wept but silently

Like the candle wax

forms into tears

dripping down its own body

The pain trickling

Sometimes puddling

Mostly staying in frozen shapes

On the candle stick;but

I only received her magical smells

and the rest, the relaxation, the illuminations

in the amber warmth of her light

To Priyadarshan, Maasi

Who is not only a role model

On how to be mother like

But also taught me

How a woman should

Always make an effort

To look your best

Yet, how easy it is

To present yourself with graceful appeal

To Manpreet, it is no secret

she has the special most of places

In my heart’s cubicle

A full rewards membership

with protective sinews and muscles

It is also no secret to me and to her

That there is more than this worldly

to our connection

I sleep well on the stormiest nights

knowing I have the guarantee of a symbiotic partnership

inspite of time, distance or others

To Shibana, the partner to her Shiv and the avatar of bringing an

Inner strength to life for herself but in the process, sharing

Caring and spreading it to and with many others

The wealth of gratitude is not one that comes easy

And I learn that from her

The sister who is also the seeker

To Reema, my sister from another mother

For teaching me what unconditional really means

Every day she loves me, loves her son, loves her brother

And all of us know, she gives us more than we give her

Yet, she nourishes and gives of herself;I understand that

Reema is supposed to also mean an Angel

To Sanah, the prayer in our lives

The gift that came into our laps

When we needed her messianic zeal the most

The baby holding her breath until she turned blue

Ironically, starved my self- pity

And forced me to take control

She made an impact, visible and clear

Even while she was still at my breast

And has since and ever has always

been teaching me the lessons

I never ever had thought I would experience

daily surprises and most special because they

are taught through the eyes of my own child

To Mansi, as says her name; became the woman

Who walked into the life of the man

Who has been my magician

As my first-born, he gave me special access

To him ; a mother stumbling along

Mansi, has already taught me

More equilibrium

Bringing to a relationship

Both the loving wisdom like Saraswati

And an inquisitive quality to love

To all those whose names I am not calling out

To the women who are not with me today

And those that have touched my life

And made it better


Because you chose to do so

Nudge me, praise me, lift me

Stay silent with me

Wipe my tears

Acknowledge me

Work beside me

Take care of those

That mattered to me

Lean into the moments

That I cared most about

I realize too well

I could have abandoned


at some point

from birth through today

But each of you

cared and validated

what can be so easy to suppress


Published by Kashiana

I am a management professional by job classification and a work practitioner by personal preference. One poetry collection - Shelling Peanuts and Stringing Words and a chapbook, Crushed Anthills. Always gathering poems, and letting them marinate and change shape and form.

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